Nick James, Freelance Copywriter

My name is Nick James and I am a freelance copywriter. I have been writing on a professional basis for over seven years.

It may sound like the introduction to an AA meeting, but if the truth be told; I am, indeed, addicted. Addicted to words. I relish the opportunity to throw them against a metaphorical blank wall and see what sticks. It’s not often someone can make their addiction pay for them but I dropped lucky.

Since discovering that writing was a viable way of paying the bills and not just a solitary activity to be undertaken, with an escalating sense of shame, behind closed doors, I have worked with many companies and individuals, ensuring they remain heard above the clamour of the marketing machine.

One week I might be penning the B2B copy for a retail property developer, the next selling clean fuel systems to the US. It’s that diverse a life.

But it isn’t only copywriting and web content that fills my day. I am also known to write magazine features as an occasional contributor to Record Collector. I even have my own music review website, Head Full of Snow.

And yes – before you ask – I can still be found of an evening, doors closed, thrashing out that elusive first novel – sense of shame intact.