Freelance Writer for Trade Magazines

Whether it’s coverage of a trade event, a feature on a leading figure in your industry, or promotional articles for the latest developments, your Trade Magazine – whether print or digital – lives and dies by the quality of its copy.

Your readers want a steady stream of well written articles, delivering the facts in an informative, yet appealing manner. If they’re not getting it, they’ll inevitably look elsewhere.

Of course, you know this already, which is why you publish only the highest quality articles in your Trade Magazine.

As a freelance journalist, I am no stranger to writing imaginative and effective copy that serves the needs of a specific readership. Having been published in professional magazines such as Record Collector and Shindig, I have both the experience and writing skills that an editor, such as you, demands.

Meeting deadlines and reliability is part and parcel of the article writing service I provide.

For professional articles that keep your Trade Magazine's readers engaged and informed, contact me today.