Sales Letter Copywriting

Copywriting for more effective Sales Letters and Mailshots

Sales Letters are a marketing foundation upon which many SMEs have built not only their success, but also long-term customer relationships. A cheap, yet effective form of marketing communication, the sales letter is often the first stepping stone to greater things.

But it’s not just start-ups or even SMEs that can benefit from a well composed mailshot campaign. They are a beneficial tool for any business looking to widen their market, attract new customers or re-engage with existing ones.

That’s businesses like yours!

If you want your sales letters to be:

  • Both informative and engaging
  • Devoid of leaden and superfluous copy
  • Written to achieve results

… I am a copywriter with extensive experience in writing all types of marketing communications. I have provided sales letters for a wide array of businesses, operating across a varied range of challenging markets.

Looking for help with your sales letters?

Doing it yourself is no easy feat. Achieving the correct balance and tone of the copywriting means the difference between a sales letter that works and one that’s consigned to the bin.

Stuck for words? Get somebody else to write them! Contact me today and ensure your Sales Letters hit their mark!