Who they are

eloqua logoEloqua is a leading name in marketing automation software. Their platform is used by successful organisations throughout the world to improve efficiency and increase the effectiveness of their marketing activities.

What I did

I was commissioned through a third party marketing agency to provide content for an online marketing campaign they were putting together on behalf of Eloqua. This was to be a unique, 12 week experience, promoted through social media, aiming to explain how marketing has moved on and what organisations can do to modernise their marketing practices.

Adopting the theme of a space mission to discover the future of marketing, the campaign set out to investigate six worlds where old-style techniques were seen to fail. These led, in the final week, to a seventh world where modern inbound marketing (link) methods were used to ensure success.

Using facts, statistics, and quotations where necessary, I created the narratives for the #ModernMarketer campaign, writing the introductory Mission Pack and the ‘History’ sections of each world.

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